Airline Reservation System - Chapter I

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Airline reservations systems contain airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations and ticket records. An airline's direct distribution works within their own reservation system, as well as pushing out information to the GDS. Second types of direct distribution channel are consumers who use the internet or mobile applications to make their own reservations. Travel agencies and other indirect distribution channels access the same GDS as those accessed by the airlines reservation systems, and all messaging is transmitted by a standardized messaging system that functions on two types of messaging that transmit on SITA's HLN (high level network).

These message types are called Type A [TTY] for remarks-like communications and Type B [EDIFCT] for secured information. Message construction standards are set by IATA and ICAO, are global, and apply to more than air transportation. Since airline reservation systems are business critical applications, and their functionally quite complex, the operation of an in-house airline reservation system is relatively expensive. Prior to deregulation, airlines owned their own reservation systems with travel agents subscribing to them.

Today, the GDS are run by independent companies with airlines and travel agencies as major subscribers. In additional to these "standardized" GDS, some airlines have proprietary versions which they use to run their flight operations. A few examples of this kind of system are Deltamatic (built off the World span platform) and EDS SHARES. SITA Reservations remains the largest neutral multi-host airline reservations system, with over 100 airlines currently managing inventory.

Background of the study

In our study on the airline ticket reservation, it showed that the subscribers were served with a slow process on reserving plane tickets. An airline reservation system is suggested to speed up the service and everything that the concerned for the used and benefit of the proprietor, company and the subscribers. Managing an airline reservation is not that easy, there are lots of things that you must consider to make your airline business last and there still a rise of demand in a reservation of tickets in airline companies. Some of the clients are availing the discount offered if you take a round trip reservation.

This service rendered to keep the competitive advantage among other airline companies. In our world today, airline business is one of the most expensive and luxurious. Airlines are considered one of the most fastest in terms of transportation everywhere in the globe. In this modern time of ours, technology has big role in the evolution of transportation. Airline has a very big role when it comes to our transportation because it is fast and efficient. If you are to reserve a plane ticket let say you are planning to travel next month, it is now possible in using this system. You are to get a reservation according to your desired date and time. Users access an airline’s inventory through an availability display. It contains all offered flights for a particular city-pair with their available seats in the different booking classes.

This display contains flights which are operated by the airline itself as well as code share flights which are operated in co-operation with another airline. If the city pair is not one on which the airline offers service it may display a connection using its own flights or display the flights of other airlines. The availability of seats of other airlines is updated through standard industry interfaces. Reservation data such as the number of booked passengers and special service requests is also transferred to flight operations systems, crew management and catering systems.

Objective of the Study

The main reason for creating the “Airline Reservation System” is to able clients to be confident with their flight schedules. If they...
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