Airbus A380 Effects on the World

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Airbus A380 Effects On The World’s International Airports
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There are two major jet airplane manufacturers which are Boeing and Airbus, and both companies are trying to invent some comfortable, gorgeous, and energy saving airplanes for the airline passengers. A selective critical analysis of the effects of the Airbus’s new generation aircraft which is the Airbus A380 sets a foundation for more in-depth research. Newspapers, journals, and government documents provide an overview of the effects of Airbus A380 to aviation industry. The Airbus A380 requires most of the international airports to reconstruct its airport facilities to fit the large and heavy super-jumbo aircraft.

Before airplanes were invented, people used cars for the transportation of people and cargo. If transportation was needed to deliver to overseas destinations, then they would need to use cargo ships to deliver numerous products in a month or even a year. If the weather was bad in the middle of the transportation, then the cargo ships might not have a chance to transport the cargo safely. Therefore, cargo ships are not always an effective tool to transport cargo. Luckily, airplanes were invented in 1903 by the Wright Brothers. Now, airplanes can transport large amounts of cargo and people in a short period over long distances. Airplanes really increase the efficiency of transportation. There are two major and successful aircraft manufacturers which are Boeing and Airbus. Recently, Airbus has invented a super-jumbo jet aircraft called the Airbus A-380. Their main concept was to invent a super-jumbo jet airplane that provide a comfortable flight for all of the first class, business class, and economy class passengers. Most of international airports will suffer a huge cost on infrastructure modifications because the Airbus A-380 has a very large wing span and a very large weight which is about 560,000 kilograms. When the Airbus A-380 needs to taxi on the taxiways, it will need to have a wider taxiway because this super-jumbo jet needs to have more space to separate it from the other airplanes in the airport, and the Airbus A-380 will create a large jet blast behind it. It will also slow down the traffic flow of the airport because the Airbus A-380 needs to have a larger separation due to the aerodynamic turbulence it will create. Moreover, this government also will need to spend a lot of money in training costs of the air traffic controllers on the new landing procedures necessary for the Airbus A-380. The airport may need to wait for a long time to gain back all of the investment costs. It is clear that the introduction of the Airbus A-380 will create a great impact on the airport of each country. Airbus A-380 Slows Down Ground And Air Traffic

One major effect the Airbus A-380 will create is to airports. The slowing down of ground and air traffic will occur due to being all of the other airplanes being lighter than the Airbus A-380. For example, the maximum takeoff weight for the Boeing 747-400 is about 875,000 lb (Boeing 747, 2007), and the maximum takeoff weight for the Boeing 777 Freighter is about 766,000 lb (Boeing 777, 2007). On the other hand, the maximum takeoff weight for the super-jumbo jet airplane is about 1,235,000 lb (Airbus A-380, 2007). When the super-jumbo jet airplane takes off, then the Airbus A-380 will create more wake than the Boeing 747-400 or Boeing 777 to generate more lift for the airplane because the Airbus A380 will need to suck more air into the engines. Furthermore, when the super-jumbo jet airplane lands, all of the airplanes which are waiting to takeoff will be delayed until the aerodynamic wake generated by the Airbus A-380 disappears (Reuters, 2007). As a consequence, when the super-jumbo jet airplane has just...
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