Air Travel on Business Perspective

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1. | Introduction /National Domestic Flights| 5- 6|
2. | International Flights | 7|
3. | Form of Air travel Vehicles| 7-9|
4. | Breif History abput Air Planes | 10|
5. | Current Air Travel| 11-13|
6. | The 2 main Aircraft Producers To The World | 14| 7. | The World Largest Passenger Aircraft| 15|
8. | Advantages of Air Travel| 16-20|
9. | Disadvantages of Air travel| 21-26|
10. | Notable Incidents| 26|
11. | Solutions| 27-30|
12. | General Security Guidelines| 30-33|

Air travel is a form of travel in vehicles such as Airplanes, Helicopters, Hot air balloons,Blimps, Gliders, Hang gliding, Parachuting or anything else that can sustain flight. Air travel can be separated into two general classifications: * National/Domestic

* International flights
National/Domestic Flights
Flights from one point to another within the same country are called domestic flights. A domestic airport is an airport which handles only domestic flights or flights within the same country. Domestic airports don't have customs and immigration facilities and are therefore incapable of handling flights to or from a foreign airport. These airports normally have short runways which are sufficient to handle short/medium haul aircraft and regional air traffic. They have in many countries not had any security check / metal detector, but such checks have been added in recent years. In Sri Lanka there are numerous internal domestic flights between Colombo, Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Negombo and other major cities with good domestic network of airports in Sri Lanka. 

There is an extensive domestic flight network operated by the SriLankanAirlines (National Airline) and other Airlines.  Travel time between Colombo and Kandy has been reduced to just 30 minutes with the launch of a SriLankan Air Taxi daily scheduled service to the hill city.SriLankan Airlines’ Head of Worldwide Sales Mohamed Fazeel said: “SriLankan Air Taxi is transforming travel between cities and towns throughout Sri Lanka for both foreign and local travellers. Air Taxi is a fast, safe and comfortable way to get to wherever you want in the island, and avoid road traffic. Along the way, you get to see some amazing views of our nation’s landscape that you wouldn’t get from a road vehicle or a jet aircraft.” SriLankan Air Taxi operates two De Havilland Twin Otter aircraft which each have seating for over 15 passengers. An added advantage is that it’s safe since it’s a twin-engined aircraft, coupled with SriLankan Airlines’ perfect safety record in 32 years of operations around the globe.

Colombo ( Peliyagoda )  | Gangaramaya Temple, close to Micro Cars.| Bentota| Bentota River check-in at The Marina|
Koggala| Koggala lagoon check-in at The Air Force Base Koggala | Dikwella| Mawella lagoon check-in at Lloyd's Restaurant, 300m from Moraketiyara Junction| Tissamaharama            | Tissa Tank check-in at Tissamaharama Rest house (The Safari Hotel)| Hambantota| Bandagiriya Tank|

Ampara| Kondavattavana Tank|
Kandy Victoria               | Victoria Golf Club| Kandy Polgolla              | Mahaweli Reservoir check-in at Dutugemunu Mw, Near Tobacco Leaf Centre| NuwaraEliya                 | Gregory's Lake check-in at Governor's Chalet (former Boat House)| Arugambay                 | Arugambay Lagoon, opposite STF camp| Dambulla                | Dambulla Cricket Stadium| Trincomalee                | TrincomaleeHarbour, Welcombe Hotel, Orr;s Hill, Trincomalee| Castlereagh              | Castlereagh Reservoir, Dick Oya| Air Taxi now operates to nearly a dozen water-dromes around the country using lakes, rivers and lagoons Colombo, Kandy (Polgolla& Victoria), Bentota, Hambantota, Ampara, Koggala NuwaraEliya, Castlereagh and Tangalle and more locations...
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