Ahmed Deedat

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Ahmed Deedat
Draft One
Name: Fatima Qassim
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Professor: Marion Engin

One of the great sayings of Ahmed Deedat “Do not seek to find reasons why elections are not possible seek to make them possible, and they will be possible”(Ahmed Deedat n.d). Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Hussein was born in the city Sirat, India, in 1918. His father moved to South Africa after he was born and then when he became nine years old his mother passed away. Deedat’s father decided to spend their rest of their life in South Africa. Ahmed was an excellent student; he exceeded in all his studies although he faced different languages and it was hard for him to understand but he did his best to learn it. Ahmed deedat is my hero for three reasons; he was a notable, recognizable and very passionate with his goal in life, he also was a great Writer, lecturer and an excellent Debater, he was the defender of Islam and his prophet mohd (pbah). Ahmed Deedat the most notable and recognizable person in the world. He wanted to show the Christians that what they believe in is not actually the truth; their Bible gives much different information about their god. Ahmed Deedat wanted to prove and show it to them the reality. Deedat learned many facts from the Bible and shared it with the Christians in his debates. He moved to South Africa in 1927 with his father after his mother’s death. At age nine Ahmed Deedat applied himself to his education and exceeded in all his studies, he also was passionate about reading any information that would benefit him, and by it he gained knowledge till he completed grade six. After that he looked forward to playing his role in the country. In 1936 he worked at a Muslim owned store beside a Christian seminary on the natal south coast. While he was working there he got aware of some teachers and trainers were against the Islam. When Ahmed Deedat realized that he should do an action for this situation he thought of responding to all the...
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