Optimizing Export Yards Using an Automated System in Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company

Topics: Containerization, Ship, Container terminal Pages: 7 (2288 words) Published: March 22, 2013

Optimizing Export Yards Using an automated system in Alexandria container and cargo handling company

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for The Degree of Master in International Transport and Logistics
Eng. Baher M. Mansour
Supervised by
Prof. Dr. Mohamed ElFayumy

January 2013

2.​Literature review​5
3.​Research methodology​5
4.​Problem description and solution approach​6
4.1.​Problem Description​6
4.1.1.​Import container in terminal process​6
4.1.2.​Export container in terminal process​9
4.2.​Solution Approach​11
Figure 1. Vessel after loading BAPLIE File​6
Figure 2. Scan view after loading BAPLIE​7
Figure 3. Alexandria Yard plan view​8
Figure 4. Loading and discharging process.​8
Figure 5. Loading container into a ship​11
Figure 6. Change in loading order​12
Figure 7. Swapping storage location on ship without changing loading order​12
Container terminal business is spreading all over Egypt and the competitions between terminals are very high. Operation mangers must face the fact that not only the fees will attract shipping lines but also the efficiency in the yards and quayside operations, the main objective is to minimize the loading and discharging time. The container throughput depends on several factors; this study is focusing on the export yard and how to use an automated system for yard and vessel planning along with the modification in the yard design to minimize the ship’s turnaround time.

Keywords: Export yard, yard and vessel planning, Yard design.
Container transshipment is now boosting in Egypt, the increase in containerized cargo movement through and to Egypt changed the port vision toward container terminals. In the year 2011 the container ports throughput was 6,556,189 TEUs (UNCTAD Secretariat, 2012). “Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company is the first specialized Container Handling Terminal in Egypt. It was established in 1984 to exercise all activities related to container handling” (Alexandria Container & Cargo Handeling company, 2010) . “A container terminal is a zone of the port where sea-freight dock on a berth and containers are loaded, unloaded and stored in a buffer area called yard.” (Ilaria Vacca, 2008) By this definition for container terminals Alexandria container terminal is one of the main center points of loading and discharging containers in Egypt. Three berths are options for any container ship to berth on and start the loading and discharging operations. (Alexandria Container & Cargo Handeling company, 2010). Containers are discharged from vessels to yards and loaded from yards to vessels by using Container handling equipments (CHEs) according to the yards and vessel planners work orders to the CHE clerks. The actual work starts before the vessel arrival by receiving a berth request from the shipping agent to both the terminal and Alexandria port authority. A stowage plan is also sent electronically as a BABLIE EDIFACT message to the terminal, along with the loading list and the manifest; these data are entered to the automated system so the planners can start the planning process. The planners decide the number of quayside gantry cranes (QGC), and the number and type of Yard Container handling equipments (YCHEs) to discharge and load the containers. The yard planner allocates space in the import yards for discharging the vessel. The yard planner along with the vessel planner receives a loading plan from the vessel captain to load the vessel without doing any further work they apply the loading plan, this is the main problem. The vessel captain is generating the plan without knowing how the container is stacked in the yards; he is only interested in the safety and the stability of the ship. This behavior...
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