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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Agency visit
Elizabeth adam

Agency Visit
The Agency that I chose to interview is The Women’s Resource Center of Southern Nevada, a National organization of crisis pregnancy centers. The agency provides assistance to women, children, and men experiencing pregnancy related issues. All of their services are free, and client’s confidentiality is kept to the full extent allowable by law. They also offer peer counseling, pregnancy test, material items and a wide range of referrals. COUNSELOR- Susan Wright is one of the staffs that work for this agency, she was kind enough to let me do a brief interview, and she also showed me around the facility. She has been with the organization for 7 years and loves to help people, who are in need, and to try and save the lives of unborn children. She has counseled many young adults who are thinking about abortion, and many of these women are homeless, or on drugs. Susan prays with them and gives them referrals and offers an ultra sound to the client. The reason for the ultrasound is to allow the client to see the baby growing in their stomach, and hopefully their hearts and minds will change about aborting the baby. MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of this agency is to save as many unborn babies as possible, and to help the women get a new start with their lives. They have many referrals to send the young ladies to, and many of the referrals will help them get education, and housing, also many will help placing the baby for adoption with good parents. They offer the mothers open adoptions, and they can have access to the child as long as they please, the most important aspect of their mission is to save the lives of the unborn and to share the love of the lord Jesus Christ. SERVICES

The Women’s Resource Center provides free pregnancy test, formula, diapers, clothes for babies (up to 2 years old), and maternity clothes for mothers. They have trained volunteer peer counseling who provide accurate fetal...
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