Abortion Exploratory

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ayCatalina Tellez
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What’s right? What’s wrong?
Under what conditions should abortions be allowed? Another controversial to date is abortion. It has been the subject of debate for centuries between many human rights activists, religious groups, and even health care practitioners. There is a myriad of factors that contribute towards the decision if to go for or against abortion. For this reason I cannot make a choice whether I am pro life or pro choice. Most pro-life or anti-abortion people say that the government should make ineffective a woman’s decision to have an abortion in most cases and require her to continue her pregnancy and give birth to the baby. Those promoting pro-choice say that the government should not interfere with the woman’s decision, she should be able to have an abortion if she wants to. So the question I will be exploring in this paper is: Should abortion be the choice of a woman, or not allowed at all? That is a question that has led to many debates worldwide. It is of great interest to me due to the fact I am a women and every woman has the possibility of being exposed to a situation in which they have to decide whether or not to have an abortion.

The first source I acquired was from an articled called “Social Sources of Women's Emotional Difficulty After Abortion: Lessons from Women's Abortion Narratives” written by Katrina Kimprt. In this online article I was able to see that women were interviewed after they had an abortion to see the emotional effects the abortion had on them. 21 women were interviewed, and all 21 were suffering post abortion effects. These interviews were done through the phone. They recruited these women through two different ways, one being a direct sample that was made for a separate research project on the experiences women had after abortion. The second way was the women were partnered with two abortion support talk lines. These strategies seem very effective because it wasn’t just a 10 minute interview; it had a length of 75 minutes. Throughout the interview questions like “how did the family, partner involved, and friends respond?” and “how did the people that surround you have an effect on your decision in having the abortion?” The most thorough question asked was how she felt emotionally after the abortion. The women weren’t just from one age range, the ages ranged from 21-48. Which gives a good amount of diversity because it demonstrates dissimilar levels of maturity? Five of those women had gone under two abortions, eleven only had one abortion, and the other five had more than two abortions. More than two abortions is a preposterous amount though. Four of the twenty one women had medication abortion which is one that is done by taking medications that will end a pregnancy and the other sixteen had aspiration abortions which are when a hollow tube is inserted into uterus and the fetus is “sucked” out. The women throughout the interviews said that abortions were very emotionally complicated because it was difficult for them to find someone to give them moral support after the abortion and having to make the decision before the abortion. Women commented that most of them made the decision by themselves because they felt no one else felt what they were going through. When the few women that explained that the decision of having an abortion wasn’t theirs they reported having very unfavorable feelings. Most of these women reported that they barely told any of their relatives or friends that they had an abortion because they feared they wouldn’t receive moral support since most people are against abortion. The women that actually were brave enough to go ahead and tell their friends clarified that they had some friendships come to an end and distanced themselves from their family. From this source I now know that the support from friends or family received after having an abortion matters a lot when trying to overcome an abortion, meaning that if under any...
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