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Topics: Drinking water, Water supply, Waterborne diseases Pages: 27 (10523 words) Published: March 24, 2012
Water Treatment In South Africa:
Is South Africa the last to know about the Growth of Technology?

Group B:
Alex Afonso
Bonney Mankatah
Patrick Marrero
Damaris Morales
Daniel Occhipinti
Debora Robinson

HUMN 432: Technology, Society, & Culture
Professor John Frye
February 14, 2012

Table of Contents
1. Debora Robinson4
History of South Africa4
Description of Technology7
History of Technology in South Africa10
2. Bonney Mankatah13
Political And Legal13
Government Influence on public service14
3. Damaris Morales15
Economic Questions and Considerations15
Source: World Health Organization, charity: water via USA Today18 Source: Statistics South Africa Census 200119
Source: CIA World Factbook via Index Mundi19
4. Daniel Occhipinti21
Water Problems In South Africa21
Water Pollution22
Water Borne Diseases24
Groundwater utilization and management26
Psychological and Sociological Considerations28
5. Alex Afonso29
Technology and Media Influence of the South African Culture29 6. Patrick Marrero30
Implications of Water Treatment on the Environment in Africa30 Conclusion32

This paper is about the water treatment using technology in South Africa. As we know, clean water is essential to remain healthy. South Africa seeks improvement in their water supply through technology. Although South Africa is a tourist country, there is still a major issue with having clean water. Certain cities in South Africa do not have clean water. There are many water treatment companies. PCI Africa is a company that treats water, wastewater, and industrial treatment sectors. The company providing the water purification processed water is INTAKA Tech. Although we have this water purification plants it remains an issue today. In 2009, the Department of Public Health and Administration conducted an accessibility study in some municipalities in collaboration with health and education as the first step to complete an action plan of improving geographic access to services. The majority of the clean water being transported to South Africa is donated water from other countries or through potable water which is treated water that is drinkable. Yes, the economy in South Africa is getting better with time. South Africa is now one of the up and coming economic powerhouses. The main issue with technology and the water treatment are that they don’t have the natural water sources.

1. Debora Robinson
Africa has had issue with their water for years. We would think with all the technology and how it has advanced in the world that they would have better medical care, economic growth, and most importantly clean and safe water. That is not the case, Africa still has no safe water to drink and they still have to walk miles to retrieve clean water. If they cannot walk those miles or do not have transportation they have to drink and bath in the dirty water, which is effected with all kind of diseases. In the treatment of water, there is a byproduct called WTR, or Water Treatment Residue. It consists mainly of silt and clay, and the principle way of dealing with it is to place in a landfill. However, there has been research into another method; applying the waste to the land. The only issue that arises from it is that should the waste break down to the base elements again it could have adverse effects on soil. These effects include the blockage of pores, decrease the hydraulic properties of soil, and other risks to transmission properties of soil. So the question is how what needs to be done so that Africa can have clean water. History of South Africa

When you think of Africa you probably think of Johannesburg and Cape Town the two most vacation spots in Africa, well it’s located in South...
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