Business Letter for Improved Sanitation

Topics: Water pollution, Ecological sanitation, Water Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: May 17, 2013
I read your article on south Africa’s improvement from 2004 to 2012 in terms of water sanitation.I shall be very appreciative if you the editor would generously publish this letter in your widely circulated paper. Problems have arisen in the city. Every day we read in the newspapers of many cases of hepatitis A and B as well as HTD (human typhoid diesis), who are being admitted to hospitals for treatment, and has posed no problem to us, but now due to unsanitary toilets on the roads and contaminated water running through our taps; we are directly affected, Of these some cases have ended fatally. In the circumstances, the constitutional devolution of responsibility of water service in South Africa should e directly responsible, and should take all possible measures to check the outbreak of this fatal disease and prevention measures to take, regarding the safe sanitation in our community. I also think that it would be advisable if the People directly connected to the epidemic, should be vaccinated.

The Corporation should send their workers to every house for this purpose. We have got our criticism against the Corporation. The underground drain is not properly cleansed and flushed every week. As a result, our lane is almost every-day flooded with the polluted water of the drain. It emits a very bad smell and It is dangerous to our health, particularly at this time of the season. We have written to the District Engineer of this district (Tielman de Villiers), but to our expectations no action was taken. So I take this opportunity to publicise our complaints through your much esteemed paper for necessary action.

Yours faithfully,
Kaylan reddy
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