Affiliates Program

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Affiliate Program Requirements

I. Involvement With Technology Based Companies
a. Start-ups
b. Academic organizations from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University c. Private corporations
d. Government corporations
II. Initiate Marketing Exposure and Publicity
e. E-blasts of the social media product launch
f. IM brand exposure through social media. (Ie: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube) g. Actively seeking out business partners in the technology community III. Network With Fellow Innovators

h. Go to networking opportunities held by other start-up companies, such as mixers i. Create business cards
j. Communicate with the Advisory Board on the social media launch k. Create a membership directory
l. E-mail different technology businesses
IV. Technical Resources to Sign up Clients
m. Constant source of online communication through e-mails n. Attend face-to-face meetings with clients and describe the affiliate program o. Describe the benefits of social media to clients and how it will help the business p. Create a proposal/form of the social media package

V. Manage Client’s Social Media Dashboards
q. Upload Hootsuite and Cyfe on to a desktop strictly used for social media purposes only r. Manage different social media profiles through the dashboard system s. Schedule messages and tweets on Hootsuite

t. Purchase two flatscreens to project all social media traffic VI. Keep Clients Updated on the Progress of their Social Media u. E-mail clients on their social media profile progress v. E-mail clients on the custom analytics of their social media
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