Case Study: ExchangeHunterJumper

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Case Study Questions Chapter 6

1. Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not? is a Web site that has a fundamental similarity with But services a very simple, easily use website that doesn’t offer. Because Aslin has observed selling horse online is not a worldwide business, it target marking is that some people learned at an old school, they are not comfortable with a new technology. The simple, clear, straight away Website is a main factor to be successful. In additional, Exchangehunterjumper .com also offers a very warm reaction that lacks. For example, every sold horse, put on a category with some comments. It lets customers think they are famous, important, and there is a relationship continuously for ever.

2. In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the highest increase in sales and inquires? Why? In many ways social media were effective in promoting The Exchange brand. For example, starting in 2009, the exchange began experimenting with viral marketing and social media including RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, It has experienced varying success. For instance, The Exchange runs multiple RSS feeds through the free service, Feed Burner; it allows The Exchange to republish headlines whenever it wants. An inexpensive tool called Feed Editor allows for editing of RSS XML file in a friendly WYSIWYG environment. The company’s YouTube channel has been largely supplanted by a professional video management system from Vzaar that hosts all of its videos, serves to most smartphones, and provides more control, branding and flexibility than YouTube without any annoying advertisements. Facebook has been...
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