Aed 222 Week 1 Nlcb 2001 Principles and Special Education

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning styles Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: October 24, 2012
NLCB 2001 principles and special education
The No Child Left Behind act has its pros and cons when it comes to the five core principles including strong accountability, expanded flexibility and control, methods based on scientific research, expanded options for parents, and highly qualified teachers. The pros and cons of the say this because when teaching diverse learners they are dealing with a variety of different learning styles. In turn every student will not respond to the No Child Left Behind principles or methods in the same manner, meaning that it may work for some while it may not work for others. The idea of strong accountability it is relevant to the teachers and the students. The teachers they are held accountable due to the set standards and curriculums that they have to teach and follow in order to meet the goals of the NCLB. Along with this they have to prepare the student for the standardized tests that are put in place to measure the students and the teacher’s progress. This is tricky because if the student fails teachers are held accountable while the students are also held responsible for themselves if they fail. This is when highly qualified teachers cone into effect due to the evaluations of their teaching through how the students perform on the standardized tests. In some ways this may be a good thing, but it can also be really bad too. If the students do good then the teachers look highly qualified but if the students don’t do a good job then the teachers look unqualified or as if they are not meeting the standards when that really may not be the case at all. Although teachers have certain curriculums to follow, they do have expanded flexibility and control regarding tailoring their lesson plans which is a good thing that gives them a little freedom. On the other hand it has its cons too because that in my opinion is about the only leeway that they have to make things their own. This will affect the students because teachers are...
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