Advocacy Plan for Social Change

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Advocacy Plan for Social Change

Advocacy Plan for Social Change
Protected class group are individuals protected from harassment and discrimination. Discrimination in occupation and employment takes different forms. Under state and federal legislation, unlawful discrimination may take place when an individual or group of people is ‘treated’ in a different way due to particular attributes such as sex, color and race, which leads to impairment of equality of treatment and opportunity. Discrimination in the place of work may occur when selecting and recruiting staff and considering dismissal, retrenchment, promotion, or transfer. The reason to advocate for this group is that human dignity and human development hinge on ‘freedom’ from discrimination at the place of work. Eliminating discrimination is important as society, individuals, and enterprises stand to gain. It is invaluable if a person is able to choose his/her professional paths, be rewarded based on his/her merit as well as develop his/her skills and talent. Discrimination leads to disadvantages and imbalances in the labor market. Justice and fairness at the place of work boosts motivation, self-esteem, and morale of employees. A more loyal and productive labor force combined with practical human resources management leads to more competitive and productive enterprises.

Promoting equality and enacting laws outlawing discrimination is crucial for social change (Kundu, 2001). However, laws are not the only solution to eliminate discrimination. The first step to advocate for the protected class group is to encourage organizations to develop workplace programs that reduce discrimination and racism. In some cases, discrimination and racism result from lack of knowledge in different population groups. Creating a recruitment strategy that supports diversity in the place of work is an effective approach to improve attitudes about workers who have different cultures. In addition,...
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