Advertising Cannot Make Worse Appear the Better but Worsn!

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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(Pop culture)
The philsopher Geroge Santayana wrote ‘Advertising is the modern substitue for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better.’ I disagree with it. Advertising is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry and advertisements are found everywhere today-in newspapers, online, on billboards, in magazines and even in school newsletters. They appear on the back of recepits, on taxis and on buses, and in MTR stations. The purpose of advertisements is to promote the prodeucts or services they showcase. Then the advertisers will use different strategies and selling points such as slogans, work through suggestion and exaggeration to attract viewers. Therefore, advertising nowadays is quite a debatable topic because there are many pros and cons. However, it is really make the worse appear the better? No, it isn’t. Advertising has distorted customers view towards a product or service. For example, some beauty products are exaggerated through advertising when in fact they don’t really work. Some slimming products and services have the same problem too. The slimming models appear super fit when they are actually not in person. The advertising company may make use of the computer technologies to adjust the fatness that shown on the advertisements. Besides, this slimming products may even result some side effects such as thirsty, a rapid heartbeat, slower metabolism, poor spirit and easy to get sick. As a result, its function is not make the worse appear the better but in fact the advertised products or services may hurt you. Apart from this, advertising makes the better appear the better on the surface only but not inner. Many skin-care products like face mask and moisturizing cream advertising attract women to buy them. Although they may have a more beautiful appearance after using these products, they have litter inner beauty. For instance, a lady has a beautiful appearance like a fairy. However, she has a vicious heart and fired by...
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