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Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Lighting Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Tou Vang
ENGL 1021.09
The Effects of Advertising
How many times have you visited the grocery store and come back with a lot of things that you later realize you do not need but you just bought because they looked good at the time? This is the power of advertisements. Marketers use various techniques in order to make promotions for products so that they look really appealing and attractive to the customers. These people use various cues that target the emotions and values of the consumers, which are pulling then into buying the products. Some marketing techniques are so successful that they attract even those people who really do not need the product in the first place. This means that advertising makes us buy things that we really do not need.

Many critics of the media and literature have criticized advertising. One source from EBSCO, analysis that "Web maketing firms have long touted the internet as the ultimate platform for targeting consumers. Using anonymous profiling and tracking where Web surfers travel either with a cookie trail or other technologies ad serving networks purport to have the ability to deliver the right ads at the perfect time, and to the consummate consumer." The philosophers has also gone ahead and said that advertising corrupts the society and the culture and that it should not be allowed. I have seen many magazines, articles, and people criticize advertising as being bad.

I remember this one time when I was watching television with my brother and we both saw an advertisement about some new lamp that it can light the whole room with just two little light bulbs. We were both laughing at the ads because it was a very stupid idea that they had came out with. In addition, none of us needed a new lamp because we have plenty of them in our house. A few day later, I saw my brother walk in the house carrying the same lamp that we both saw from that advertising commercial. Then I asked him why he had bought it...
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