Advantages of Technology at School

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Transforming school with technology is one of the best way to let children know more about technology. Transforming Schools with Technology shows how technology must be an integral part of any effort to redesign and improve schools. It emphasizes the importance of visionary leaders and how with the smart use of digital technologies necessary reforms can occur in our schools and classrooms. When transform school with technology many advantages will we gets There are several advantages that we will get when transforming school with technology, which is children in the class will pay more attention. Creating a fun, positive learning environment means engaging students to participate in the educational process. Educational technology allows teachers to take advantage of the interactive software developed to encourage active rather than passive learning. They will not get boring if use technology in teaching ,it will attract them to study. Students enjoy learning through technology, they love the hands on experience. Other then that technology also helps children build background knowledge. Technology serves as an excellent tool for building this background knowledge as the internet connects us with a wide array of information, photos, videos and interactive materials related to any subject or question we can imagine. With the use of technology and the internet, students can build knowledge of people, places and things they may have never experienced otherwise. You would be amazed how much better students’ reading and comprehension of text and abstract concepts will be once they have sufficient background to support them. Beside that technology is also useful in that it can provide a variety of accommodations for students with different learning needs. For example, if students have difficulty seeing, screen size and print can be enlarged for ease in reading. There are programs available online or for the desktop, which can translate text...
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