Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Principal Methods of Gathering Data Two Principal Methods of Gathering Data

Topics: Structured interview, Interview, Semi-structured interview Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: October 29, 2012
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two principal methods of gathering data - the questionnaire and the interview? Two principal methods of gathering data are questionnaires and the interview. Both of these methods have advantages and disadvantages which must be considered before utilizing information so the best method suited for the particular scenario is picked. Interviews provide more opportunity for participants to clarify and elaborate giving more detail to their answers. Care must be taken in the structure of the interview guide and choosing interviewers. Interviewers must be chosen who can elicit trust and avoid confrontation while still gaining specific knowledge. This is crucial to the company or firm who need a person to fill the slot. In addition interviewers also must be trained to respond to any contingency. Interviews may be done in person or over the phone and are far more personal than questionnaires. Either method is time consuming. Face to face interviews may include travel cost and additional time, but are more effective because there are facial expressions and the atmosphere which allows the interviewer to note these non-verbal indicators. This cuts down on confusion or uneasiness and gain respondent's reactions. Face-to-face interviews must have a place to conduct the data collection, while telephone interviews must have well-equipped phone surveying facilities. Telephone interviews may be viewed as intrusive and people sometimes feel intruded upon. In addition, not everyone has a listed telephone number. Respondents lose the anonymity of a questionnaire through interviews, which may lead to un truths or shielding of information. Interviewees may answer a certain way in an effort to appeal to the interviewer or look good. A major advantage of an interview is the opportunity to go further into information and clarify questions for the participant. Interviews help respondents who may struggle with reading and writing skills....
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