Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft

Topics: Presentation program, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Pages: 3 (612 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft.

Nicole Hartman- Vasquez

I have researched the different alternatives to products besides using the very familiar Microsoft

Product line. There are many different products, and names to choose from for home and office and

Each has had great feedback as well as not costing as much to maintain or costing nothing at all. Before

Starting this information, I thought that Microsoft was really the only choice because it has had the

Upper hand on sales and word of mouth for so many years. It is a very well known product, that not

Only has the name, but it stands up to be one of the best. It is a product that is very hard to compete

With and some don’t try to compete. These companies try to give consumers other alternatives then

just the same products that has always been around.

As far as Web browsers go the ones I have seen that have the best

feedback is Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Linx. These Browsers seem to have the same qualities as

Microsoft products. These products have great stability and security which actually matches the same

offered by the competitors. They also offer free downloads. The only difference in Lynx and the others

tested is that it is a text only browser which is what some businesses only need.

Word processors and Spreadsheets Is a great home and office tool used by millions every day. There are

so many alternatives to the product instead of falling onto the use of Microsoft products. He one I have

seen researched the most s Unlike Microsoft they don’t force you to make upgrades to

continue to use their product and the cost is nothing to get it either. It adapts well into the Office setting

And isn’t as confusing. Presentation software has always lead me to use PowerPoint by Microsoft

because it is the familiar choice to use. I have found that many have chosen to use...
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