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The Project “Development of an Efficient and Secured System with Integrated Features of Chat, Email” deals with the Server maintenance for a company.
The project consists of following modules: * File Transfer
* E-mail
* Resource Sharing
* Chat
* Web Page View

File Transfer:
File transfer is handled between client and the server. To share a file from Another client the requestor client sends the request to the server. The server then gets the file from the client which provides the requested file. Then the server sends the file to the requested client. Mail

With the advent of the Internet and its commercial availability, the Universal e-mail has become a common feature in today’s High-tech World. The ability to compose, sends, and receives Electronic mail has been enormously popular. In this project E-Mail can be sent to the recipient without having to enter into the Web browser. Resource Sharing:

Server provides all applications, files and messages. If a client wants applications from the server, the server grant permission to the particular Client according to their authentication level, i.e., applications are shared between server and clients. The client access the printer which are attached to the server when a request is provided. The applications from the server are sent to the requested client by the provider. Resources include devices such as CD, Floppy and Printer. The client access these devices which are attached to the server when a request is provided.

Web Page View:
The user requests a web page from the server. If the page is available in the server then the server provide a copy of the page and open the page in the client location. CHAPTER 2
2.1. Existing System
The existing system must use a third party tool to share the resources, provide a mail service within the clients, to provide sharing of messages between a group of users through chat services. In existing system when more than one user tries to access the resources of the Server, then the server processing speed decreases. When network traffic arises, then the data transfer will go down very slow and there is a chance of data to be lost. There is low level security in the existing system .The cost factor will be high to provide the services like mailing, chatting. It reduces the response time experienced by the clients. Problems associated with the Existing System

* Cost-effectiveness
* Low level security
* Network Traffic
* Resource Sharing
* Low Reliability
* Performance problems
* Scalability

2.2 Proposed System
The proposed system will provide a good security and improves the performance of the server. It provides network security and gives access to the resources in server. It improves the response time to clients. It provides robust authentication. Table handling using SQL would increase the ease in handling data, quicker and timely retrieval of data is possible with flexibility and portability. Keeping in view all these points and problems of the existing system, the new system has been developed using ASP and SQL. Advantages of Proposed System

* Increases the system Reliability
* Centralized access
* Minimum cost
* High security
* System design for better performance
* DAP Concept

chapter 3
feasibility study
It is both necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of a project at the earliest possible time. Months or years of effort, thousands and millions of dollars, and untold professional embarrassment can be averted if an ill-conceived system is recognized early in the definition phase. Feasibility and risk analysis are related in many ways. If project risk is great, the feasibility of producing quality software is reduced. During...
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