Advance Problem #30

Topics: Process capability, Control chart, Mass Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Beaver Brothers, Inc. is conducting a study to assess the accuracy, and consistency of their 150-gram bar soap production line. They are interested in seeking; the reliability, average weight and range of each soap bar. By conducting this study Beaver Brothers, Inc. wants to see the consistency of their machines, dependability of their marketing tools and the level of assurance that they are promoting and supplying trustworthy products to their consumers. Beaver Brother, Inc. achieves their wanted information by collecting 25 samples of 5 observations and recorded the data in a table. The task is to use these collected samples to create; means, graphs, and tables to present the data and draw conclusions about the production line. This is to be done using quantitative and qualitative data, consisting of reliable and relevant information. Answers and Conclusions

a) The first assignment was to create the control charts showing that the process of the machinery is in statistical control. This was accomplished using the x-bar charts program on the POM software.

By viewing Graph 1, you are able to see the range of the weight within each sample group. You can see that the range diversifies from up to eleven grams in study 22, as low as less than one gram in study 24. There is a consistent trend however, that the average range of each five observations ranges at around 6.59 grams. Graph 1 is inconclusive by itself. It does not demonstrate the gram weight of each soap bar, which is the most vital information to the company. The main worry that Beaver Brothers, Inc, may acquire, is that there is a possibility that their 150 gram soap line may in fact drop below their advertised, listed weight of their product. If this was the case, Beaver Brothers, Inc would immediately have to make some changes to the machinery to ensure that their product does not drop below their desired weight. This information does demonstrate that their machine can conjure up quite a...
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