Adjustment Essay

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Eudaimonia Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Introductory Essay
Adjustment as many people define it as moving or making something fit, I would define it as stage that you go through to help you manage the challenges of everyday life. There are many needs and obstacles that people go through facing adjustment. For example, going to high school for four years than going to college not knowing anyone is a big adjustment. As where in high school you mostly knew everyone around you. Adjusting to things will always show up throughout your life.

Success is one of the best feelings. I would define success as the achievement of something you planned. Like a goal you set for yourself and your outcome was accomplished. This can also lead into happiness. When people set a goal and succeed their goal it usually makes them happy or happier than before. As for me I agree with that statement because achieving a goal I had my mind set on makes me feel good about myself and makes feel happier. And to know I completed a goal makes me want to have more goals that I hopefully but will succeed.

Happiness comes hard to a lot of people, most people actually. Being happy can mean you’re not only satisfied but content or pleasured with the outcome of the situation or life. Some people get their happiness from other people. Seeing the ones they care about happy can make them happy even if they aren’t happy with themselves. Some people get happy by success as we already talked about, success is one of the main reasons people are happy nowadays. Studies show that since the 1800s people’s happiness has decreased dramatically. Happiness can be one of the many keys to life.

The personal change I would like to achieve in this class is to be happier! I can be happy, but a lot of stuff has been bringing me down lately. When I’m happy I just feel all around better about myself. I think I can achieve this goal even though it’s going to take some time and definitely effort I am going to make this a big goal of mine and I will...
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