Adjective and Adverbs

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The subject matter of our term-paper is the comparative analysis of typological features of adjectives and adverbs in English and in Armenian.

The general meaning peculiar to English adjectives is that of property. For example, adjectives can give us information about:

Quality: a beautiful dress, a nice day Size:a big car, a tall man Age : a young man Temperature:a cool evening, a hot day Shape:a round table, a square box Colour:blue eyes, a white horse Origin:a Swiss watch

It has neither number, nor case, nor gender distinctions. Some adjectives have degrees of comparison.

Adverbs in English can modify verbs, adjectives (including numbers), clauses, sentences and other adverbs. Adverbs typically answer questions such as how? , in what way? , when? , where? , and to what extent?.

Some words can be both adverbs and adjectives as follow: far, hard, and long. It is important to distinguish how they are used. E.g. I don’t live far away from here. (Adverb)
Where I live isn’t far from here. (Adjective)
She worked quite hard. (Adverb)
She found the work quite hard. (Adjective)
Armenian adjectives are words expressing properties of objects (e.g., կարմիր red, հետաքրքիր interesting, խելացի clever, etc.) and, hence, qualifying nouns.Adjectives in the Armenian language can be qualitative (որակական) and relative (հարաբերական).

The adverb in Armenian is a part of speech, which points to different circumstances in presence of which the action is performed.

Our term paper consists of Introduction, 3 chapters, conclusion and the list of references.

The Introduction introduces the subject matter of the investigation and specifies the goals that must be achieved.

Chapter 1 (Categories of Adjectives and Their Peculiarities in E//A) deals with the types of Adjectives in E//A, including its formation, degrees of comparison, royal order in the sentence.

Chapter 2 (Types of Adverbs in English and in Armenian) consists of paragraphs that give us general notion about the Adverbs in E//A. It also includes some information about the formation of Adverbs, its order in the sentence and its degrees of comparison.

Chapter 3 (The Comparative Study of Adjectives and Adverbs in E//A) the results of comparative analysis are revealed.

Conclusion sums up all the observations made in the investigation. It shows all the differences and similarities of adjectives and adverbs in E//A.

In the References we give the list of books and the Internet sites that have been used by us.


Categories of Adjectives and Their Peculiarities in English and in Armenian

§1.Formation of Adjectives in English

An adjective describes the person ,the thing, etc. which a noun refers to. We use adjectives to say what a person, etc is like or seems like.

An adjective can also describe the idea(s) contained in a whole group of words. E.g. Professor Roberts’ lecture on magnetism was fascinating.

There are various ways to form adjectives from nouns and verbs as follow: Add '–al':...
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