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  • Published: February 17, 2013
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Executive Summary
To survive in the global and competitive business environment, it is essential for a company’s to vconduct extensive research so that they can develop a strong brand image from the initial stage as it leads to greater financial benefits for the company. The marketing plan of Orange’s oPad is the topic where an effective marketing strategy is developed to ensure its success in the global competitive market where major plays such as Sony, Compaq and Dell have a significant impact upon Orange’s strategies. Orange’s latest oPad is the revolutionary product which is a portable mini device used as a pc anywhere with its wide range of options and innovative design. Orange’s marketing strategy will be focusing upon the product design, brand positioning, price and promotion of oPad in the global market. This will be linked to the research and analysis of the environmental forces and SWOT analysis to understand the company’s position. Orange’s market strategy will be incorporated with the generic business strategy which is towards growth and maintaining a strong position in the market through its innovative products. Orange will use competitive marketing strategy for its oPad where two such strategies can be developed which are differentiation and Focus to make oPad a success in the global market. Marketing planning and strategies can become highly effective if Orange focuses upon its strategic human resource management and make continuous efforts to redesign its marketing plan to survive successfully. Company Description

Orange Corporation is a new organization that aims to advance in the technology field through its high quality and innovative products. Orange’s latest product oPad is launched to compete with existing tablet technologies, as it is a portable high tech device for the usage of all needs of an individual whether personal or business use. Current Market Situation:

Market Description:
SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis assists...
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