Add Math Essay 2

Topics: Length, Geometric progression, Arithmetic progression Pages: 15 (3101 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Project Work 2

Written By : Nurul Hazira Syaza Abas
I/C : 940602-01-6676
Angka Giliran :
School : SMK Kangkar Pulai

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Numb| Title| Page|
1| Acknowledge| 1|
2| Objective| 2|
3| Introduction Part I| 3|
4| Mathematics In Cake Baking And Cake Decorating| 4 5| 5| Part II| 6 14|
6| Part III| 15 17|
7| Further Exploration| 18 21|
8| Reflection| 22 23|
9| Conclusion| 24|
10| Reference| 25|

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First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving me the strength and health to do this project work.

Not forgotten my parents for providing everything, such as money, to buy anything that are related to this project work and their advise, which is the most needed for this project. Internet, books, computers and all that. They also supported me and encouraged me to complete this task so that I will not procrastinate in doing it.

Then I would like to thank my teacher, Puan Andek for guiding me and my friends throughout this project. We had some difficulties in doing this task, but he taught us patiently until we knew what to do. He tried and tried to teach us until we understand what we supposed to do with the project work.

Last but not least, my friends who were doing this project with me and sharing our ideas. They were helpful that when we combined and discussed together, we had this task done.

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The aims of carrying out this project work are:

* To apply and adapt a variety of problem-solving strategies to solve problems * To improve thinking skills
* To promote effective mathematical communication
* To develop mathematical knowledge through problem solving in a way that increases students’ interest and confidence * To use the language of mathematics to express mathematical ideas precisely * To provide learning environment that stimulates and enhances effective learning * To develop positive attitude towards mathematics

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Part 1

Cakes come in a variety of forms and flavours and are among favourite desserts served during special occasions such as birthday parties, Hari Raya, weddings and others. Cakes are treasured not only because of their wonderful taste but also in the art of cake baking and cake decorating

Baking a cake offers a tasty way to practice math skills, such as fractions and ratios, in a real-world context. Many steps of baking a cake, such as counting ingredients and setting the oven timer, provide basic math practice for young children. Older children and teenagers can use more sophisticated math to solve baking dilemmas, such as how to make a cake recipe larger or smaller or how to determine what size slices you should cut. Practicing math while baking not only improves your math skills, it helps you become a more flexible and resourceful baker.

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To determine suitable dimensions for the cake, to assist in designing and decorating cakes that comes in many attractive shapes and designs, to estimate volume of cake to be produced When making a batch of cake batter, you end up with a certain volume, determined by the recipe. The baker must then choose the appropriate size and shape of pan to achieve the desired result. If the pan is too big, the cake becomes too short. If the pan is too small, the cake becomes too tall. This leads into the next situation. The ratio of the surface area to the volume determines how much crust a baked good will have. The more surface area there is, compared to the volume, the faster the item will bake, and the less "inside" there will be. For a very large, thick...
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