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Practicum REPORT

The culmination of the student’s practicum training is the preparation of their individual practicum report. This report will contain a summary of what was learned in their training hotel/restaurant, and an analysis of the procedure coupled with the appropriate recommendations.

A. Suggested Outline

1. Title Page

Center type on the first page the following:

10th line:“on”
11th line:NAME OF Practicum Training Institution
12th line:Address of practicum training institution
20th line:“In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course” 22nd line:indicate program enrolled
24th line :“Lyceum of the Philippines University
25th line: “College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management” 26h line:“Intramuros, Manila”
30th line:“SUBMITTED TO”
31st line:Name of Practicum Faculty
34th line:“SUBMITTED BY”
35th line:Complete Name of Student
36th line:Address
40th line:“SUBMITTED ON”
41st line:date of submission
42nd line:TRAINING PERIOD (inclusive dates)

All phrases enclosed in quotation marks should be printed as is, and the correct information should be given for the others.

2. Table of Contents

Indicate all major sections or chapters, and appropriate paging.

All Chapter headings should be capitalized. Subheadings should have first letters of major words capitalized.

Include listings of exhibits, (forms) with appropriate numbering. 3. Introduction

General information about the establishment is presented. Limit this to three pages. Writer may wish to include the following:

a. Name and General location
Complete name, address, and location map

b. Objective/Hotel/restaurant’s Philosophy General Philosophy

c. Ownership/Management
Name of owner, holding company

d. Organizational Chart
Identify the position, as well as the current holder

e. Facilities, no. of F & B outlets, name & type

f. Outstanding characteristics of the establishment

4. Discussion of Findings/Analysis/Recommendation

Present the analysis in the format as given below:

DEPARTMENT: ______________________________________

Discuss major functions of the department in one short paragraph. As much as possible, all discussions should be in short simple sentences. Avoid copying operations manual in the report.

a.Areas of concern:Status*: Analysis

1) Organization Structure
Describe or draw the organizational set-up in the section being presented. Discuss positions as well as how much each person in the department is able to accomplish her assigned tasks as against the function of the department.

2) Operations Systems and Procedures
Describe the procedures/steps undertaken in the section so that the function of the section is performed.

3) Facilities, Equipment, etc.
What is the equipment used? How does it facilitate performance of function? Evaluate the equipment and facilities in terms of its adequacy, unique characteristics and design.

4) Manpower-scheduling, work method, styles of communication

5) Work atmosphere, inter-personal relations Lay-out,

ventilation, color scheme of office

6) Use of materials resources...
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