Ad Paper: Magazines Published Advertisements for Profit

Topics: Cigarette, Woman, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Over the years, magazines have been publishing advertisements that try to appeal audiences with a certain acquired taste. For an example, Vogue magazines have been influencing American society since 1890 and have evolved to reflect modern women. Vogue has gone through many changes and has created a market for women’s magazines. The common market that Vogue tries to sell are mainly clothing, make up products, and cigarettes. In each era of magazine until today, you see a variety of changes of the ads. Cigarettes for instance, are common products that men and women like to buy. In the January 1985 Vogue issue, even though three cigarette ads try to use different methods to persuade the audience to buy their product, all advertise cigarettes that appeal to women’s taste. In one of the cigarettes ads, Virginia Slims’ proposal is to promote marketing strategies that link smoking to women's freedom, emancipation, and empowerment. In other words, they’re trying to make young woman feel more superior about their femininity. The way Virginia Slims incorporated rhetorical strategy in the image and the text is by using pathos. For an example, “You’ve come a long way, baby” is one of the sayings in the text that is used in the ad. This is an example of pathos because back in the day, women were never respected by men and were separated from them. But because of Virginia Slims, the product gives woman a sense of pride and satisfaction. “Virginia Slims remembers when a man had his place and a woman knew hers”, is another text used and is an example of pathos and ethos because it makes the audience reminisce back to the time when women didn’t have a role in society which was a tough experience for them during that era. On top of that, the ad shows a picture in the late 1800’s of a woman on one end of the table by herself and men on the other end. Then, in front of the page there’s a middle-aged woman in the 1980s holding a Virginia Slims cigarette looking sophisticated and...
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