Cigarette Ads

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Serina Branch
Dr. Palmer
English comp 2
Analytic ad essay
Cigarette ads over the years
From 1947-2000 cigarette ads have changed in more than just one way. Each ad pinpoints a certain stereotype of a person as well as containing a slogan that assures the viewer of which stereotype the ad is pertaining to. Each ad does a great job of matching the slogan with the image, while drawing in consumers and maintaining the fulfillment of the consumer’s prefrence.

The ad used in 1947 for Camel cigarettes claims “More Doctors smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette”. The ad also contains a picture of a man posing as a doctor. The picture as well as the slogan being claimed, provides a sense of comfort and safety. People may think if doctors are smoking these cigarettes they may not be unhealthy. This ad could also come off as an ad promoting the “need for prominence”, while aiming to represent the cigarette of those of a high social status (Fowles 549). The Camel ad also slightly resembles a news article as and is layed out in a very informative manner, while pointing out all of the benefits of the product. “This approach is common because potential consumers are often looking for a new solution” (Bovee 559). If a consumer is looking to become more healthy, or attempt to feel less guilty when smoking a cigarette, this ad may attract their attention, simply due to the fact that the ad claims it is the number one cigarette for doctors.

The Marlboro ad of 1970 pertains to those who prefer a cigarette that contains a great amount of flavor. The slogan states “come to where the flavor is. Come to the country”. This ad’s main attraction is the flavor of the cigarettes, which pertains to the “need for autonomy” due the fact that this ad appeals to those who prefer a cigarette with great flavor(Fowles 550). Not only does this ad have to do with the need of autonomy it also pinpoints the “need for affiliation”, it is obvious the ad is affiliated with...
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