Activity Analysis: Potential Treatment

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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A. Potential treatment goal(s) when used in treatment.
* ↑ FM skills - Cl. will ↑ FM skills by cutting the design of the leather. * ↑ Cognitive skills - Reading and following directions will ↑ cl. cognitive skills. * ↑ Sensory-perceptual skills - Cl. will ↑ sensory-perceptual skills by touching dry and oiled leather. * ↑ Attention to task - Cl. will ↑ to focus on the task at hand. * ↑ UE ROM - Cl. will ↑ UE ROM through manipulation of the Versa-tool, leather, and rivets. * ↑ Emotional regulation skills - Despite frustrations cl. will ↑ emotional regulation skills. * ↑ Self-esteem - Cl. will ↑ self-esteem due to completion of the activity * ↑ Social participation and communication skills - Cl. will ↑ social participation and communication skills by asking for assistant and or questions. * ↑ Bilateral-hand coordination - Cl. will ↑ bilateral-hand coordination by requiring both hands to be used. * ↑ Eye-hand coordination - Cl. will ↑ eye-hand coordination while burning the design into the leather. * ↑ Pinch/grip strength - Cl. will ↑ pinch/grip strength bilaterally while fastening the rivets into the leather. * ↑ Endurance – Cl. will ↑ endurance by either standing or sitting independently during activity. * ↑ Gross motor skills – Cl. will ↑gross motor skills by lifting and moving the Versa-tool, leather, and accessories. * ↑ UE strength – Cl. UE strength will ↑ by the motions required to fasten the rivets in the leather. B. Appropriate Population/general skills needed or addressed a) For whom can occupational performance be increased through use of this activity?

Age range
* Pediatrics- Creating a leather keychain as a craft is an inexpensive activity for older children to ↑ their eye-hand coordination and FM skills by manipulating the stitching needle. Suitable for ages 7-12. When requiring tools supervision is required. * Adolescents- Creating a leather keychain is a gender neutral activity...
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