Action Research (furneaux, 1956)

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Education must be transfer from one generation to the other, the core of our culture’s accumulated body of knowledge poor academic performance affect the nation socially, economically, politically and psychologically. Parent, teachers, student and the government put the blame at the “Door step” of one another as being responsible for the lapses. It is surely not an exaggeration to say that the major causes of poor academic achievement are inherent in the student themselves. They could be in form of some problems students are facing or find difficult to cope with or their inability to adjusts to the demands of school work either due to physical deformities of deficient personality traits possesses by the students themselves have proved that certain personality is important in predicting academic achievement (furneaux, 1956). For student to be motivated for academic performance in their studies, they need to know that what they are studying is indeed of real significance. In other words, they had to know that they are not being feed by some new springs innovation that will simply go the way of the faddish educational chaff that, once having gleaned its, gains, goes a long way to the winds never to bee seen or thought of again parent and teachers should help or make the student to know that they are been feed with the best that our civilization has to offer, that they are studying something that in much larger than selves. Following the assertions stated above share the view that student need to be motivated to have a positive result at the end of term. Motivation in academics can cone in any form. We have parental, peer teacher, psychological and so many ways a child can be motivated academically, to have an improved academic performance.Study habit is as old as man himself. The act of studying is very crucial to the overall attainment of educational goals in any society. The art of study habit starts from the day care or feeder school sharing of...
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