Across Five Aprils

Topics: Confederate States of America, Confederate States Army, Bankruptcy in the United States Pages: 5 (1669 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Chapter 6

1.Ellen suggests that Matt stop at the Burdows to thank Mr. Burdow for helping Jethro, the nigh of his return from town. 2.In the following months Jethro has to assume many of the responsibilities his father can no longer handle, including working the fields. 3.Matt means that Jethro is going to have to take on the responsibility of being a leader in his family, now that his farther is not in the best conditions. 4.The neighbors help Jethro and Jenny take care of and work the fields, 5.Ellen is telling Matt not to think of the worst about their children in war, because they don’t know if anything negative has happened to them. 6.Jethro and Jenny become close, working in the fields together and talking. Their relationship changes, because they become more understanding of each other. 7.Jethro is hurt and angry, but Nancy explains to him not to be upset and that sometimes when someone writes to another person there might be something they would not want him or her to share. I feel that he’s wrong and Nancy is right, people have a right to their privacy. 8.Jethro is a roll model towards his nephews and acts like John towards them, Jethro is welcoming to Nancy. 9.They call them “copperheads”, because they were sympathetic to the people of the south. 10.They started looking out for the family, by staying outside on their porch with guns in their hands. The neighbors were “in raged” that Matt, who is injured and can’t defend himself, should be tortured in such a way. 11.The outlaws push their dog away, burn their barn to the ground, and they put coal oil in the well.

Chapter 7

1.They help by forming a collection and they were able to get a wagon and a double harness. People helped in the rebuilding and bringing supplies. They raised a new barn, they supplied lumber, and they brought them a new dog to replace the old one. 2.Dan Lawrence was a soldier who fought with Tom Creighton. He brought the family the news of Tom’s death. 3.Matt is an upstanding citizen and that those people who attacked him are cowards. 4.She records Tom’s death.

5.He becomes the laughing stock, because he gets shot in the behind, for trying to steal from Sam Gardiner. 6.Jethro is losing faith is Grant, because he is now demoted and he believes that the Confederates believe in themselves, more than is beating the Confederates.

Chapter 8

1. It had been a little over one year. Jethro is now nine years old. 2. Because, it was currently under Confederate control, because then the Confederate army will be cut in two. 3. The men are coming to help build the barn, so that Creighton’s stalk will have shelter, before it snows. Burdow sends a load of logs that he had cut down to help rebuild the barn. 4. Donelson was the “baptismal” battle for Shad. The would break the Confederate army will be divided in two. 5. Shad doesn’t think McClellan has what it takes to lead the army to victory. 6. They feel that he is a murderer, he has no conscience, and he is full of self-righteousness. 7. Thousands of young men had become disillusioned, this war as no “breakfast’s spell”.

Chapter 9

1. Point Prospect is where all of the deserters were gathered, and they were stealing from the residents, the U.S. agents were feared that they would be shot, if they gave the deserters reasons. 2. Phillip paid a replacement to fight in his stead. Unlike other people who hired replacements. He did not have children or a condition that made fighting difficult. 3.

4. They come, because they are looking for Eb, because he ran away. 5. They tease him by saying that is they find Eb they will take him and Jethro back. He is bothered by the way they tease him about the way he talks. 6. Eb called Jethro from in the woods, which are alongside the field. He comes, because he could help himself, and because there are so many terrible things there and he wanted to see the fields where he used to be happy...
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