Accounting Professions

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Accounting Professions Report

In the field of accounting, there are three main professions that are highly in demand. The professions are 1) Chartered Accountants (CA)
2) Certified General Accountants (CGA)
3) Certified Management Accountants (CMA)
Each of these professions requires special practice sessions, education, training, and loads of experience. Nationally and internationally these jobs are highly in demand for its standards and for its stature. Overall, this report will inform you about the inside facts about these jobs, and the nature of the duties in their everyday lives. The role and duties of each profession work key areas diligently, and need to be well experienced in those areas. Chartered Accountants work towards handing out business advice to their customers in various areas such as information technology, business tax, financial planning, etc… The duties range from making policies, financial planning, working in organizations, maintained accurate calculation records and date files and helping out of people in the context of business and leadership. Certified General Accountant’s works specialize in many areas to provide the best of help to its clients. CGA’s do work such as giving advice to financial statements, developing tax strategies, predicting a company’s future financially, and more. They are more members shall act in the interest of their clients, employers and interested third parties, and shall be prepared to sacrifice their self-interest to do so. Certified Management Accountant also is involved in process of being strategic leaders to provide the necessary information to bring their professional skills to proper decisions to an organization. They make sure the business is leading in the right path, following each and every step of the way, track their progress financially. They provide accounting data, analysis and reports that assist managers and executives with their business

decision making processes. Overall,...
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