Types of Accountants

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Accountant Essay

In today's society every business needs to assess and analyze their net income and budget in order to be successful. For this specific purpose, there are accountants. There are 3 types of accountants, CMA(Certified Management Accountants), CGA(Certified General Accountant) and CA(Chartered Accountants). All 3 of them have a specific job.

A CMA accountant usually works directly for a company. At this position the person's duty is to record and report different expenses in order to make the business successful. Most CMA's need to be good with handling money and to budget the company's money. All accountants need to be good with computers and figures. The main aim for these types of accountants is business, accounting, management and economics. This occupation has had significant changes in the past few decades. Instead of playing with numbers an accountant need to make key decisions at the right time in order to provide valuable services to their clients. This change requires every CMA accountant to have proper training to have a more broad knowledge of business. Most people with this certification go into careers that include information technology, engineering and many other occupations.(http://www.wisegeek.com/what-does-a-certified-management-accountant-do.htm)

A CGA(Certified General Accountant) accountant is a professional who has been taught to initialize a wide variety of tasks related to business analysis and the financial state of the company. A CGA accountant needs to provide a detailed and thorough advice and guidance to individuals. He is also qualified to make tax forms as well. CGA accountants analyze a company's financial information. This individual needs to solve any problems that may arise and make sure that the company's financial strategies are initialized properly. This type of an accountant is trained to provide assistance to businesses. This accountant may also provide services to government agencies, professional...
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