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Case Analysis of Arapahoe Pharmaceutical Company

* Problem Statement:
John Ziegler, the district sales manager for the Dallas area of Arapahoe Pharmaceutical Company, as manager only for one year, he faced the challenges with his reps and the logjam he had created as a result of his recruiting activities. In addition, John had to prepare some written comments on the performance of each of his reps for the past year; also he had to decide what to do about the two reps, Jared and Marty. Overall, John saw his problems were really people problems and people opportunities.

* Objectives: Solve the problems between John and his reps, customize available leadership as district sales manager.

* Facts of The Case:
* Biographical Note of John In Arapahoe Pharmaceutical
a) John had joined Arapahoe Pharmaceutical as a sales rep immediately after graduating from University. b) John’s willingness, personality, and communications skills, plus his superior’s encouragement and guidance, helped him in quickly achieving above-average productivity and allowed him to win a transfer to a greater area. c) John’s superior, Besty, worked regularly with him and delegated to him some of the training of new sales reps. d) A year later he was selected to attend his company’s leadership training program, after that, John was promoted to be district sales manager for the Dallas area.

* Advice
Before took over the position, John was provided further training by company and some advice from the general sales manager Tom Boyle: a) John should give the sales reps in Dallas time to get to know him and he them; b) John would be surprised and disappointed to discover that all the reps didn’t operate with the same level of efficiency that he did not use the same methods he used when he was a rep; c) John shouldn’t try to correct too many deficiencies at one time; d) Telling someone to do something doesn’t necessarily get it done; e) Everyone doesn’t remember hearing something the same way; f) It’s better to have three sales reps working with you than ten working for you.

* Types of problems John encountered
John encountered many problems and challenges during the past one year. Such as follow: a) Dick McClure----had been described as a good sense of humor and a highly individualistic style of selling. But Dick was curt with John, relatively subdued, and at other times almost hostile. Finally the problem was out in the open, Dick was bitter because John got promoted not him, he believed he was the best in the district. After trying to understand each other, their relationship improved steadily. b) Larry Palmer----the first sales rep that John had hired since he was a district sales manager. John spent a lot of time and effort on Larry, but he still had difficulty acquiring the necessary of the work. Larry had to leave even John had carried him much longer than he probably should have. And then, Peggy Doyle who was doing such a terrific job took Larry’s place. c) Jared Murphy----he had done reasonably well but hadn’t really lived up to his potential. Lately, Jared seemed to have lost interest and acted passive. John thought that Jared was able to exert the necessary self-discipline to do what was required without a lot of personal attention from him. But that proved was wrong. d) Marty Nakai----he had about every good quality anyone could want in a salespeople, except maturity and self-control. He asked John frequently what else he had to do to get promoted. John wished Marty would develop more patience and self-discipline. John should take a way to help Marty. e) With other sales reps----John had spent too much time for recruiting and the new sales reps, and extended the intervals since he last worked in the field with his above-average sales reps. The sales reps felt that being ignored. John tried to explain, but they weren’t buying into his excuse. Overall, the major problems are...
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