Acca F4 - Corporate and Business Law (Eng)

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Helping you to pass – the ONLY F4 (ENG) Study Text reviewed by the examiner! Studying F4 The exam paper v vii x

Part A Essential elements of the legal system
1 2 3 The English legal system Sources of English law Human rights

3 17 35

Part B The law of obligations
4 5 6 7 8 9 Formation of contracts I Formation of contracts II Terms of contract Breach of contract The law of torts Professional negligence

47 67 87 105 121 135

Part C Employment law
10 11 Employment contract Dismissal and redundancy

145 163

Part D The formation and constitution of business organisations 12 13 14 15 Agency law Organisations and legal personality Company formation Constitution of a company

183 193 221 237

Part E Capital and the financing of companies
16 17 18 Share capital Borrowing and loan capital Capital maintenance and dividend law

255 269 283

Part F Management, administration and regulation of companies 19 20 Company directors and other company officers Company meetings and resolutions

299 333

Part G Legal implications of companies in difficulty or in crisis 21 Insolvency and administration


Part H Governance and ethical issues relating to business
22 23 Corporate governance Fraudulent behaviour

371 387 403 409 441

Exam question bank Exam answer bank List of cases and index Review form and free prize draw



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