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Semester 1 2011 Dr Amedeo Pugliese
Lecture 1
AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Overview of AYB 311: the Teaching Team
Lecturer –  Amedeo Pugliese Tutors –  Amedeo Pugliese –  Julie Greenhalgh –  Kevin Plastow –  Natalee Jennings –  Sharron Genrich –  Tereaze Hubner

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Overview of AYB 311: enrolment and objectives Prerequisite: - AYB340 (formerly AYB220) Company Accounting Please notice: The unit-coordinator will not accept any students which does not meet the enrolment pre-requisites

- Develop an understanding of the theory and rules underlying financial reporting - Enhancing ability to critically evaluate the effects and implications of accounting policy choices

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Overview of AYB311: lectures and tutorials
Teaching approach
The package is a real package Lectures, tutes and assessment co-ordinated Recording of lectures - 2 hours Lectures each week (12 weeks + 1 review on week 13) - 90 minutes Tutorial each week –  Discussion of weekly assignment and questions from previous week s lecture topic –  Case Study •  Oral presentations (2/3 students each tutorial) •  Judgement and Decision Making tasks (all students are expected to provide a written proof during the tutorial)

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Overview of AYB311: the assessment
–  Case Study –  Research Paper –  Final exam TOTAL 20% 25% 55% 100%

You do not have to pass each piece of assessment to pass the subject!

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Overview of AYB311: textbook and material
Prescribed textbook –  Contemporary Issues in Accounting Drever, M., Stanton, P. and McGowan, S. (2007) Wiley and Sons. Recommended text: –  Accounting Handbook 2009 Other readings –  Access and available through Blackboard –  Journal articles are available through the Library (if not claimed otherwise) –  Copies handed out in class AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Overview of AYB311: use of Blackboard
Lecture Notes
–  These are the primary source of knowledge throughout the entire course –  Posted on Blackboard on each week (7 days before the lecture to whom they refer)

–  Various important documents, notices and announcements posted on the Blackboard site throughout the semester

You are deemed to check it regularly!

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Financial Accounting Issues: what is it about?
In this unit we will look at: - the role of accounting - The role of accounting theory - The role of accounting practices - The ‘hottest’ issues in accounting practices (integration of GAAPs worldwide; accounting for financial instruments) In previous units you have learnt the technicalities and we taught you that financial statements is the result of the application of a predefined set of rules and technicalities. Do not be disappointed: accounting is not objective at all! AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Why governance in AYB 311?
Let’s imagine we have 20 accountants in the same room. They have the same ledgers and books from the same company in the same year. How many income figures are we going to have? (Dr Janet Mack)

The answer is: 21! Accounting choices are not univocal and they can vary to a large extent according to the various internal and external situations; We study corporate governance in relation to accounting to understand the drivers of different choices (and behaviors) AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Financial Accounting Issues: Week 1
Topic: Corporate Governance: a conceptual framework Readings: DSM Chapter 6 (not pp. 155-162) Learning objectives: Understand what corporate governance is and why good corporate governance systems are needed Understand the role of accounting as a governance mechanism

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

Mind Map

AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese

The growing interest in corporate governance
Why is it so common reading and hearing discussions about corporate...
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