Academic Opinion on Leadership: Trustworthiness and Ethical Stewardship

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Academic opinion on Leadership: Trustworthiness and ethical stewardship Maria Gabriela Felton
Northcentral University

The problem to be investigated is whether a leader’s personal principles and ethics are valued by their constituents as being trustworthy in managing something they were entrusted to execute and accomplish in the business world. The business environment is becoming more competitive since the inception of the internet; it has opened many opportunities to expand globally. More than ever, business leaders need to be aware of their actions and decisions. Also, leaders must have good interpersonal skills to form healthy work relationships with other. Knowing their constituent’s strengths is advantageous because they will feel ownership of the work they do and they will feel understood. When a positive work environment exists, it creates a trustworthy environment. A successful business executive or leader needs to have constituents that believe in their vision, trust in their decisions for their future as well as the company and can be seen as a role model for others to follow. Having well defined principles, values and having a credo will help the leader practice ethical stewardship.

An exemplary leader must make decisions that best promotes the success of the company and not think of their self-interest. Their decisions not only affect them, it affects their constituents, the company, customer, vendors and the economy. Leaders need to create an encouraging environment where both leaders and constituents work congruently towards a common goal. Leaders need to develop a relationship with their constituents that create connections and all share ownership to the work. They also need to be accountable for their decisions and the consequences it creates. Cadwell, Hayes, and Long (2010) “found that leaders who created close dyadic partnerships increased the likelihood of generating improved long-term commitment and...
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