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Consider the following folder structure: A project folder has the following path: http://www.mywebsite.com/IT237MyProject. The IT237ZMyProject folder contains a page called index.html and a folder called Images. A picture named imgLake.jpg is saved in the Images folder. Differences between Absolute and Relative Links

Absolute links define a path to files in locations other than the folders where the HTML files reside such as another server or website. It is known as an absolute address or link because the path to reach the desired file is a specific route containing the entire address and includes: the protocol, domain name, directory and the file name itself.

To locate the source:
1.The browser starts at the protocol and domain name (http://www.mywebsite.com) 2.It then locates the directory (IT237)
3.Then the folder (images)
4.Lastly, finds the file imglake.jpg
Relative Links are more easily located because the files are all located within the same file folder structure on the same website; therefore, the browser knows where to look for the specific file. A type of shorthand can be used when designating which file to search for, the only name that is really necessary is the file name.

To navigate to the image source from you home page (index.html) the browser automatically navigates directly to that image because it is located within the same set of folders as the home page. Search engines do not differentiate between absolute or relative links however if a designer uses too many absolute links it may increase page download times.
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