World Wide Web and Relative Path

Topics: World Wide Web, Web page, Hyperlink Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Chapter 4, Dreamweaver MX: Developing a web page

Introduction (4-2)

1.What are the two types of links used in a web page?
2.What are the two important parts of a link?

Lesson 1

1.Explain how to create an external link (4-4)
2.What is an absolute path? Give an example of an absolute path? 3.Explain how to create an internal link? (4-5)
4.Give an example of relative path?
5.Give the description of “root-relative path” and “document relative path”. 6.The author suggests how many click should a web page have? (4-5) 7.What is the best way to avoid mistakes with a lengthy URL? (4-8)

Lesson 2

1.What is a named anchor? (4-10)
2.What is a target?
3.How do you insert a named anchor and how should it be named? 4.What is created first, named anchor or create a link? (4-11)


1.What is a vector-based graphics? (4-16)
2.What is a flash text and what is the filename extension?
3.List at least four attributes of Flash Text. (4-16 and 4-17) 4.Where is the flash Text button?
5.What is a frameset? (4-17)
6.Explain the result of each target; _blank._parent, _self. And top. (4-17, Table 2)

Lesson 4

1.What is an element of navigation bar? (4-20)
2.What are the four states of an element and explain each one? (4-20) 3.How are navigation bars applied to the pages of a web after created the first time? (4-21) 4.Where are navigation bars located when completed? (4-25)

5.What is another way to create a navigation links for Web pages? (4-27)

Lesson 5

1.What is a hotspot? (4-28)
2.What is an image map?
3.Give two examples of making an image map. (4-28)
4.List three hot spot tools. Which hotspot tool lets you design your own shape? (4-28 and 4-29)

Lesson 6

1. Give two examples from the lesson when to check external links? (4-32) 2. How do you check external links?
3. What happens when you create too many links on a web page, and when should a view reach the information—how many clicks?...
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