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IETF is the acronym for Internet Engineering Task Force. It is one of the standard–setting organizations formed in 1986 and it is an organized activity of a non-profit organization which is The Internet Society (ISOC). IETF also was a platform to consort contractors for the Internet core gateway system and the U.S. Defence Advanced projects Agency (DARPA). Recent researches of IETF (IETF, 2004) has reviewed that IETF is an open, large and international community made up of network designers, researches, operators, and vendors. IETF is in charge of the internet protocols and the development of the internet. Their main concern is about the development of the Internet architecture and the smoothness of the operation of Internet. In order to promote and develop internet standards, communities such as ISO/IEC, and W3C had closely cooperated and dealing standards related to internet protocols and TCP/IP with IETF. Since IETF is an open organization, there are no formal membership’s requirements. All participants and managers are worked voluntarily even if some are sponsored or funded.


Further research (David Meyer and Leslie Daigle, 2005) states that the goal of IETF is to make the internet work better. Every individual working group of IETF are in charge of the actual technical work in different areas such as Intellectual Property Rights, IP Version 6 Working Group, IP Security Protocol and so on. Much of the works is handled and holds discussion via mailing list or at IETF meetings. IETF meetings will be held three times in a year. These working groups are managed by Area Director. Area Director is the member of Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). Internet Architecture Board (IAB) appeals when the IESG was being complained that it has failed. 

The IETF is best known for its seminal design contributions of the Internet and the applications. The Request for Comments (RFC) that published by IETF is to describe methods, researches, behaviours, or innovations applicable to make Internet functions smoothly and in a superior quality way. It divided into several categories, such as technical specification, and architectural write-ups.

IETF had completed many work before, below is some selected list of completed specifications done by IETF. A. Presence and Instant Messaging
According to RFC 2778, it states that a presence and instant messaging allows users to subscribe to each other and will be notified if there are some changes in state. Users also will be allowed to send short instant messages to each other. IETF approached this work with the aim to let the users control and determine how their presence information would be shared.

There are two ‘clients’ in the presence service. One is to provide information that wanted to be stored and distributed which is called Presentity. Another one called Watcher, which is to receive the information from the presence service.

There are also two ‘clients’ in the instant message service, one is sender, and another one is called instant inbox. Instant message service will deliver the messages to instant inbox sent by sender. Each instant inbox has a particular address.

B. Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES)
RFC3835 states that Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) enables the creation of an application which means can deployed at application-level intermediaries in the network. For example, some users may want to customize a data stream as a service to the consumer. The OPES Working Group used to develop a framework for HTTP to appeal, authorize and trace such application-level services. Besides, a protocol for invocation and tracking of OPES services had been developed by the working group.

Besides those selected list of completed work, there are also some ongoing work of IETF. A. IAB Privacy Program
Jon Peterson, Hannes Tschofenigy (2010) in their recent...
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