Abortion, Right and Wrong by Rachel Richardson Smith

Topics: Morality, The Stand, Ethics Pages: 2 (886 words) Published: November 5, 2012
“I wonder how abortion got to be the greatest of all sins. What about poverty, ignorance, hunger and weaponry?” Around two weeks ago, a friend of mine from UP Diliman sent me a link and told me to read it if I had spare time. It was an argumentative essay entitled “Abortion, Right and Wrong” by Rachel Richardson Smith. In the said article, the writer stated what she thought about the two sides – pro-abortion and pro-choice. She also provided arguments for the stand of both parties and in conclusion, Rachel Smith stated that she fully supports neither stand for the reason that both of their causes are not absolutely correct. She said that she is against abortion but believes that women should be given a choice. I was surprised when I found out that this essay was written around three decades ago due to the fact that it seemed so coincidental with the recently reignited heated debates about the Responsible Parenthood Act (RH Bill). That’s when it hit me – the topic on abortion has spurred heated debates in different countries as well and has been going on for quite a while. Initially, I though that the writer of the article was a bit ambiguous about her stand in the said issue. However, I eventually realized the point she was driving at. Both parties believed that their stand is flawless and correct – that it is the absolute truth. It’s either they fail to recognize the mistakes and the shortcomings of their arguments or they are too stubborn to do so. The writer simply wanted to stand by her belief in the sanctity of human life and did not want to be a part of either party which advocates the absolute truth of their flawed stands. In reality, the issue is just not about abortion. Personally, I am a supporter of the controversial RH bill because I believe that it would be advantageous to our nation in the long run; however, I am against abortion. Ironic isn’t it? I know for a fact that it is not a perfect proposition and that it will not exactly solve all of our...
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