Abortion Reading Task

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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I am going to write about the topic of abortion. I have found two relevant documents on the subject, the first is an article stating the arguments in favour of abortion and the second is a question and answer session where the answers given show arguments against abortion . The first document is titled ‘Arguments in favour of abortion’ written by Kathryn Kolbert in 1992. The article is set out in subheadings with bullet points showing the main points under each subheading and the paragraphs to further explain them. The second document is titled ‘Arguments against Abortion, Pro-life Responses to Pro-abortion Arguments’. It was written by Randy Alcorn and was published in 1994. This document is structured with common pro-abortion points under a number, and then arguments against that point below. The writer begins by arguing that a lot of debates on the topic of abortion seem to think of the woman in question as just a container for the foetus, and the foetus in often the main focus of the debate. Kolbert argues that great consideration needs to be given to the woman’s rights and needs as well as those of the foetus. In the middle of the document written by Kolbert she argues that because abortion affects women more than it does men, it should always be the woman’s choice whether or not to carry the foetus through until birth. She also points out that every human being has a right to their own body and believes that because the foetus is a part of the woman’s body it is her right to abort it if she chooses. This shows that Kolbert does not see the foetus as a human being in its own right. Kolbert’s final argument is that rights to abortion are critical in achieving full gender equality. She believes that if a woman is forced to continue the pregnancy through until birth then society also expects her to look after the child for many years to come. She believes that stereotypes and social customs play a large part in the debate because women, who have given away a...
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