Abnormal Psychology - Psychological Disorder

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Definition of abnormal psychology1
Panic Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder2
Psychoanalytic Theories
Behavioural Theories4

Abnormal Psychology is the overview/study of the mental or psychological disorder of mankind which caused by several of factors that occur in the daily routine of one’s life, whom will later turn into trauma if not treated carefully. Abnormal psychology studies and observes the cause of the disorder carefully and from there determine which or what is the best treatment or assessment for that particular case. People who provided such kind of treatment are usually psychiatrist, clinical psychologies, psychoanalyst or counsellor and way of treatment are base on which profession he/she is master in.

What do we know about abnormal psychology? When we talk about abnormal, how do we consider something is abnormal? Is it when someone doing things that we normally don’t or is it when someone doesn’t do what others think he/she should? Abnormal behaviour is very subjective; for example: some people think that it is ok to let a child to cry till fall asleep but some think that this is too cruel. Only when someone acted very different than others and when one is starting to bring discomfort and threaten to others with their abnormal behaviour are to be considered mentally ill or in other words psychologically disorder. Abnormal Psychology, the mental or psychological disorder which cause by biological, psychological and social factors, that will later transform into distress, impairment of function, risk to self or others and lastly atypical response which is not acceptable neither socially nor culturally. Abnormal Psychology focuses on Identify abnormal behaviour and implements proper treatment by understanding the cause of such behaviour. Depend on the cause of the abnormality behaviour, treatment maybe various. Different treatment will be applied differently by different type of mental health professionals like, Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Counsellor. For a better sight of view, Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats psychological disorder patient using medication and psychotherapy. A Clinical Psychologist is an expert in psychological assessments and psychotherapeutic intervention but they are not allowed to prescribe any medications and they work closely with the psychiatrist in the management of psychological disorders. While a Psychoanalyst is usually a psychiatrist or psychologist who sub-specialised in psychoanalysis, they explore patient unconscious emotions to find the cause of the disorder in order to help them on the recovery, and last but not least the Counsellor a specialist in exploring feelings and emotions of the patient and by doing so, help the patient to make their own choice. Some example of abnormal behaviour including: Adjustment Disorders, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Developmental Disorders, and Cognitive Disorders.

Anxiety Disorder
What is anxiety disorder? Many people experience the feeling of anxious in many ways in their life; it could be when they are walking alone in a dark alley or when a dog barks at them when they are alone. But this feeling of nervous will pass once the incident is over, in other words anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, which help one cope during the anxious situation. (For example: you are afraid of losing in the singing competition, due to the anxious feeling, you practise harder and longer for the singing competition.) However, anxiety disorder is a feeling of fear that is more persistent and irrational. Anxiety disorder can be categorised into different types of disorder. For example: phobia, panic disorder, post traumatic stress...
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