Abnormal Psychology Terms

Topics: Mental disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Personality disorder Pages: 55 (9960 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Abnormal Psychology Terms

"even our negative emotions help us survive. for example, aren't our suspicious often justified?" most likely someone with a ______ theoretical perspective made this statement "I knew right after we got home from the hospital that our kid had a problem," the parents said. unless the parent is using 20-20 hindsight, the child's diagnosis most likely is "i'm concerned about Ritalin use; its possible effects on children's growth, and its increasing heart-attack risk in hypertensive adults" an acquaintance worries. your best reply, based on the most recent research is "it is obvious that this case of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder arises from an early childhood fixation." which type of psychologist would most likely have made that statement? "let's try to figure out where clients fall on several key personality traits, rather than using a dichotomous classification system." someone saying this would most likely favor which approach to classifying personality disorders? "Litigaphobia" and "litigastress" "relational aggression" is a term used to describe a pattern of aggression most common among "someone's head resting on my knee,/ Warm and tender as he can be,/ Who takes good care of me,/ Oh wouldn't it be lovely?/ Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely..." -- are the approximate lyrics of a song from the musical "My fair Lady". these lyrics most closely reflect symptoms of which personality disorder "that kid is pleasant enough, but will lie about practically anything, even things that do not seem to matter much." this behavior most closely fits which pattern of conduct disorder



"the client scores low on extroversion and agreeableness, but high on neuroticism. Looks like schizoid personality disorder to me." the therapist being quoted is using what instrument to make the diagnosis "there's nothing out there for me. i can't stand other people, and i can't stand myself, either. I am just really mad right now". such a statement would most likely be made by someone with which personality disorder "what is over there?" asks the child, pointing to a distant object, "Does it belong to you?" the child asks the therapist. the therapist answers the child in detail, and praises the child's efforts at communication. most likely, the child is receiving "what's the big deal? i just don't understand why that matters to you. why can't you just do what i do ?" this quote provides evidence that most strongly supports the _____ explanation for antisocial personality disorder "will that program really help? I keep hearing bad things about how kids act once they leave". based on research, the person who said this would be most accurate if she or he were expressing reservations about a "doctor" in a TV drama suggests using antidepressant medication in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. based on the most current research, you know a 3-year-old child is wetting the bed at night. the bed wetting apparently is beyond the child's control. the best diagnosis is a 16-year-old has just been arrested for the third time for shoplifting. he would most likely be labeled a(n) a 65-year-old in otherwise very good health typically will experience occasional a 65-year-old is about what percent likely to be suffering some form of dementia a 74-year-old man has experienced a very sudden decrement in attention, language production, and memory. CT scans show localized damage to specific areas of the brain. he has a history of cardiovascular disease. his diagnosis would most likely be

big five personality




borderline personality disorder


right to worry, more research needed to quantify risk


childinitiated interactions training for autism





dimensional approach

having them live in juvenile training center mediocre advice, may increase suicidal tendancies enuresis


feat of being...
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