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Chapter 1 what is abnormal behavior? › ... › Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal psychology is a study which defines, give details about why it happens, tries to calculate violence and hazardous behavior, and tries to regulate unusual behavior. The behavior ranges from risky or unusual behavior to more unsensational and prevalent ones such as people with depression who stays in their homes. Standards that are normal and abnormal. There are five standards cultural relativism unusual behavior, discomfort level for person experiencing the problem .However the problem with the discomfort theory, the person may not be aware that they are suffering. Mental illness, maladaptiveness (does it interfere with daily activities) Abnormal psychology is an area of psychology that primarily focuses “psychopathology and abnormal behavior” abnormal depends on what is considered “normal” in that social, cultural or religious context. It is important to include variations of “subcultures” such as downtown Seattle “grunge” group which is a normal mode of behavior. Acceptable practice within a subculture as well as culture. Another subculture would be a prison population. One example of religious normal practice is the belief that “God” will heal your child not medicine

Chapter 2 Views of abnormal behavior
There are three different areas that are included in the different areas associated with views of Abnormal Behavior. Biological mentally ill because the person has a medical issue that is causing their mental issues. Supernatural theories people are acting out due to divine reasons, such as being possessed. Psychological theories. Problems that are the result of somehow psychological views. Ancient theories have changed over time. It used to be that people relied on things such as trepanning, making a hole in the skull to allow the bad spirit to escape. This lends credence to the idea of religious issues. Areas of the world have different historical views. Ancient romans tended to lean toward biological cures. However the main problem is that when the cultures whose views were common fell to a different ruler, their beliefs on behavior were changed to the new way of thinking that the conquering ruler was in favor of. For example instead of biological reasons, the roman thinking in views of biological treatments, became the beliefs in supernatural treatments again. There were eventually biological reasons found for many things such as syphilis. Emil Keplin was famous for studying disorders that were mental it lead to the DSM classifying disorders. There are psychoanalytic approach. This focused on the area of unconsciousness. Behaviorism is the role of learning like operant conditioning and classical conditioning. The abnormal behavior may also be referred to as” Psychopathology” also we look at “models” for things which we cannot directly observe.

Chapter 3 Treatments derived from the biological perspective The Biological Paradigm

This area of study that looks at biological factors, says that variations of organic progressions and variations that as an end result in abnormal behavior Biological methods may consist of:
Genetics what is in your DNA may give you a predisposition to have certain behaviors or some types of mental illness. Differences of physical issues such as differences in spinal fluid or in intellect causes problems in functioning of the body and in the chemistry of the brain. Problems in arrested development of brain organ itself. These problems are called organic illness. These are also still classified as a mental illness even though it is organic in nature. Areas that influence a person’s mental issues can also be attributed to Behavior genetics. This is the study of the role of genetic makeup and how it influences a...
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