Abercrombie &Fitch and American Eagle Comete for 18-to-22-Year-Olds

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Case 10
Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle compete for 18-22 -year-olds.

1) There are no differences in A&F and AE’s retail strategies, as both are still growing into their present strategy of selling casual apparel to the teen/ college market. When A&F was established 100 years ago, it sold the highest-quality hunting, fishing, and camping goods. Overtime, its safari image became less attractive to consumers. Therefore, the Limited Inc. acquired it in 1988 and initially positioned A&F as a tailored clothing store for men.in 1995, the limited repositioned A&F to target both men and women in the teen and college market, with an emphasis on casual American style and youth. American eagle also was positioned as an outfitter when it started in 1977.initially offering apparel only for men, AE shifted in focus to teen and college students in 1995.

2) In Jennifer’s perspective A&F prices are high but the brand name and image appeal to her as she says “It’s like I really had to have Abercrombie”. However, when AE store opened she mentioned that “they look the same, and they are booth really cute” in addition that “American eagle’s prices are little cheaper”. These are the words and phrases associated with each retailer’s brand name. Even though A&F and AE have evolved from their roots, their apparel still features an outdoor, rugged aspect. Both retail chains carry a similar assortment of polos, pants, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, outwear, and sweatwears. All the apparel and accessories at both chains appear under the stores’ private-label brand. The Ivy league- and sportswear- inspired merchandise aims to fit the campus lifestyle of its target customer.

3) Other specialty apparel retailers:
* H&M
* Forever 21
* Wet Seal
* Tilly's
* Pac Sun
* Gap
* Banana Republic
* Zara
* Rue 21
* Pink Ice
* Aéropostale
* Charlotte Russe

Competition is fierce. Since 2005,...
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