Dov Charney

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Dov Charney
Fashion is a way of expressing yourself; it lets people see things from your prospective. There isn’t one perfect style; everyone has a new take on what is fashionable. Getting to the top of the fashion industry is only half the battle, the other half is staying there. Would you be able to predict what would be in style next season or even convince people what the new trend is? American Apparel has a style that you most likely won’t find in other store. Since our world has billions of people and no one person is like another; some would say that Charneys clothing is amazing and unique while others, such as myself, could think that his designs are just not for them. His clothing is very out there and has a very vintage feel to it. Many of the clothing also have a very retro feeling to it, the materials are very nice and soft but they patterns and the way the designs are created are just not for certain people.

Dov didn’t start out at the top of the fashion; he didn’t have his own shop that many loved that also employed thousands of people in North American. He started at the bottom working his way up to being the famous designer that he is today. Dov has always thought that T-shirts were, without a doubt, an American heritage product. He learnt many things about clothing and t-shirts when he went to South Carolina from Olin Hardy, Sap Cannon, Billy and Van Moree and Steve Gwaltney. It was in South Carolina that he became a T-shirt expert. What your ‘brand’ is and how you advertise your goods to people could be the difference in you having one small shop, or having stores worldwide. Dov “brand” was that he promoted his goods as “sweatshop free.” He has banners saying “American Apparel is an Industrial Revolution”. American Apparel is also known for its simple and provocative ads featuring women, including employees.  His advertisement has been lauded for honesty and lack of airbrushing.

Designers don’t just make it overnight it takes a lot...
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