Topics: Education, High school, Dropout Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Bellarmine Jade L. Remulla

1. Select 3 most important tasks for you. Write down your contributions towards the attainment of the said tasks. * Making school perform better
- In every school, there must be a curriculum manager or school administrators. For school principals, one of their functions is being a curriculum manager. They supervise curriculum implementations, select and recruit new teachers, admit students, procure equipment and materials needed for effective learning. And they must also plan for the improvement of school facilities.

* Teachers continuously perform better
* Quality education requires quality teachers. Good teachers bring a shining light into the learning environment. They are ideal companions of the learners. With the advances in communication technology, good teachers are needed to sort out the information from the data that surround the learners. Good teachers needed to sort out the knowledge from the information but even more important, excellent teachers are needed to sort the wisdom from the knowledge.

* 12 year basic education
* The adoption of the program is in response to the need to improve the competitiveness of our country’s graduates as the ten-year basic education cycle is seen as inadequate for work and higher education.

2. Choose 1 goal in EFA and explain its importance.
* Universal school participation and elimination of drop outs and repetition in first three grades. * If the DepEd has the policy nothing can change that, we have to follow DepEd order. But in my own opinion, I still agree that we ought not to eliminate drop outs, each has a chance to study and learn no matter what age and no matter how many times one has dropped out. If repetition of school year, I mean three times first grading period of a student has done, he still has to be accepted in the school he has to enroll. Education is free for all.
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