A04 Health Care Provision

Topics: Osteoporosis, Bone, Vitamin D Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: April 10, 2013
For this assignment, I will identify two different services she will be using and explaining how practitioners approach and work in each service meet Sabrina’s needs. It is important to firstly identify Sabrina’s PIES needs. I will begin with investigating her Physical needs. Sabrina is suffering from 3 conditions as identified osteoporosis, arthritis and diabetes which all have a profound impact on her physical well-being. Osteoporosis is condition that affects the bones to become weak, fragile and possibly become fractured. If an individual has got brittle bones, they encourage fractures and limit mobility if he/she is diagnosed with the disease. In osteoporosis, the bone mineral density is reduced, bone will deteriorate, and the amount and variety of proteins in bones are altered. In a DEXA scan, the bone mineral density measurement is calculated using standard deviation called T score. If the T score is below -2.5, then the health professional will consider and class the person of having osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can have a profound impact on her day-to-day life basis. This will impact Sabrina physically because she’s unable to clean the house, preparing the meal and managing to maintain her garden which all requires motility. Sabrina won’t be able to lift, move or rotate and won’t be able to stand or put weight on her leg. As a result, her house will be left in a poor hygienic way which will affect her health and well-being. Sabrina will need to have her needs identified, as resultant of physical needs; she will have to take serious medication in order to prevent further complication of her health and well-being, because the effect of osteoporosis can not be reversed. Such medication as taking two vital nutrients and they are vitamin D and calcium because they are needed for strong bones and vitamin D is responsible for absorbing calcium into the body.
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