8 Step Training

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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SUBJECT: The Eight-step Training Model

1. PURPOSE: To provide information on the Eight-step Training Model


a. Although not directly referenced in DA doctrine, the Eight-step Training Model is used throughout the Army to provide leaders with a model for success to ensure effective execution of training. The Eight-step Training Model, as outlined in the FY 02-03 Eighth US Army Command Training Guidance is included below.

b. The 18th MEDCOM is currently using a modified version of this training model, with more detail added in each step, and two additional steps, Select Objectives (Step 1) and Recover (Step 10) added. This model is referenced in the 2nd quarter FY03 training guidance and in policy memorandum 51, Training SOP. This model is also used throughout the Army.

Eight-step Training ModelTen-step Training Model
1.Plan Training
2.Train/Certify Leaders
3.Recon Site
4.Issue Plan
7.Conduct AAR
8.Retrain1.Select training objectives
2.Plan training
3.Train and certify leaders
4.Conduct site/leader recon(s)
5.Issue the plan
6.Rehearse the planned training
7.Execute the plan
8.Conduct AAR(s)
9.Retrain applicable task(s)

a. The following are brief definitions of each step:

(1) Select training objectives: Based on previous performance, leaders asses their unit’s/section’s proficiency in METL, collective and individual tasks and develop a “train” or “sustain” objective for each.

(2) Plan training: Having conducted a training assessment, leaders develop a training plan that will fulfill their desired objectives.

(3) Train and certify leaders: Before any training event leaders must be trained to ensure their own competency and proficiency before they attempt to conduct training to standard for their subordinates.

(4) Conduct site/leader recon(s): Leaders inspect sites used for training to ensure they meet all requirements for the training to...
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