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Standard Operating Procedures

a. To provide maximum quality radiographs in an efficient amount of time. b. To establish responsibilities, procedures, policies, and techniques which prevent excessive radiation exposure to patients and staff. c. To set guidelines to be followed for checking radiology systems performance and maintaining optimum image quality and equipment safety for the technologist who operate these systems and the patients as well. 2. SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable to all personnel assigned to 4th Division, 3rd Brigade, 64th Brigade Support Battalion, and all Physicians Assistants (PAs) attached. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES:
d. NCOs:
i. Responsible for professional radiation and basic radiology training of medical personnel assigned 64th Brigade Support Battalion. ii. Ensure that all radiology equipment is accounted for at all times. iii. Ensure adequate level of medical supplies and equipment are available when needed. iv. Notify Medical Maintenance for repair of any equipment not working or in need of repair, when needed. v. Recommend protective measures to eliminate or reduce radiation hazards to patient or staff during field exercises and or deployment. vi. Informing all personnel of any changes in procedures that may affect them.

e. The following complete skeletal survey images will be taken in all cases coming through the radiology section. Anterior Posterior (AP) Chest
Anterior Posterior (AP) Pelvis (to include middle and lower lumbar spine, sacrum, and coccyx) f. All extremities will be done separately to include both joints. All extremities will have an AP and LAT (Lateral) views taken. g. All personnel not assigned to the exposure room/area will not be allowed inside or within a 15ft radius during any procedures. h. Technologists will finish examinations in their rooms as quickly as possible and then prepare for the arrival of injured patients. i. All exams will be treated as STAT.

j. Collimation- Restricting the area of the patient irradiated is one of the most effective ways to reduce patient exposure. You should expose as little of the patient as possible. k. Patient Information- Every film must indicate at least three pieces of information vii. Patient name or social security number

viii. Date of examination
ix. Facility where study was preformed.
l. Positioning- Every film will be marked with Left or Right positioning markers. Without them it may be impossible to tell which side of the patient a particular finding is. m. Gonadal Shielding-will be provided to every patient with “reproductive potential.” n. All personnel will abide by ALARA

x. ALARA-"as low as (is) reasonably achievable," which means making every reasonable effort to maintain exposures to ionizing radiation as far below the dose limits as practical, taking into account the state of technology. xi. Time, Distance, and Shielding

Doses can be minimized by taking advantage of the following simple methods: 1.    Reduce the amount of time spent near the radioactive material/source 2.    Increase the distance from the source, by at least 6 feet. 3.    Use appropriate shielding (lead aprons and vests) whenever possible ALARA Plan Goals and Investigation Levels|

 | Regulatory Limit| Goal| Level I| Level II|
Whole Body Exposures| 5000 mrem/y| 500 mrem/y| 125 mrem/q| 375 mrem/q| Lens of the Eye| 15000 mrem/y| 1500 mrem/y| 375 mrem/q| 1125 mrem/q| Skin and/or Extremity| 50000 mrem/y| 5000 mrem/y| 1250 mrem/q| 3750 mrem/q| Minors (whole body)| 100 mrem/y| 50 mrem/y| 10 mrem/q| 30 mrem/q| Embryos/Fetus| 500 mrem/9 mnth gestation| 50 mrem/in 9 month gestation period| 10 mrem/q| 30 mrem/q| Member of Public onsite (EPA)| 100 mrem/y whole body exp.| 20 mrem/y|...
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